What is MyAge.Fit?

Our evidence-based programs are underpinned by significant clinical experience and credible research. And MyAge.Fit is empowered by technology that is easy, accessible, and intuitive to use. So you can enhance your strength and mobility, anywhere, anytime.

MyAge.Fit provides expert advice on how to improve and optimize health, well-being, cognition, and ultimately, independence, at all stages of life. We target people 40 years plus, provide advice on the most appropriate exercise to move better and live better cutting through the overwhelming information available online. We give age-appropriate advice for everyday people that is based on clinical evidence and significant research tailored to suit your age and lifestyle. 

So, who are we? We are Deborah and Sandra Hunter and we are the founders of MyAge.Fit. Sandra is a Professor of exercise physiology and Director of the Neuromuscular Physiology of Movement laboratory at Marquette University, Wisconsin in the United States.  Deborah is the CEO and principal physiotherapist of her own award-winning physiotherapy practice in Australia.  

We know that as we and people age, physical function deteriorates, almost always leading to a decreased quality of life, a reduced ability to perform our daily physical tasks, and even a significant loss of independence. Decreased activity and increased sedentary time – in part due to increased use of technology and job automation – also increases the risk of disease, including obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even premature death. Globally, the general population is ageing, and for most of us, we are expected to work longer, retire later, and at the same time we quite fervently want to maintain our independence. 

We both have a passion to optimize health and physical performance as we age. Deborah, a physiotherapist, has become increasingly frustrated at seeing patients who are losing or have lost their independence, and Sandra’s research has clearly identified the benefits of exercise in helping people age better. However, most online information is designed for young, fit adults and doesn’t really consider the needs of those of us who are more mature and may be working around pre-existing injuries or conditions that require us to modify our exercise regimes. We don’t accept that age is a barrier to exercise, and certainly not a barrier to being the best you can be. Consequently, we offer advice and expertise on how exercise can optimize your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

We invite you to sign up to our blog and encourage you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ our Facebook page to get the word out. If there are ways, we can improve the information we are provide or a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts, 

The Founders of MyAge.Fit

Deborah and Sandra Hunter

Dr. Sandra Hunter

Professor of Exercise Physiology

Sandra Hunter, PhD, is an internationally known professor in exercise physiology who studies exercise fatigue and the benefits of exercise in people of all ages and abilities. Professor Hunter has been on faculty in the Exercise Science Program, Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University, Wisconsin USA since 2003. She is Director of the Neuromuscular Physiology of Movement laboratory and the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center at Marquette University, where she leads a team of researchers to study exercise fatigue and exercise training in young and old men and women, and clinical populations.

Sandra received her PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney, Australia where she studied how aging affects muscle function and the benefits of strength training in older populations. She then spent four years at the University of Colorado Boulder researching the neural control of movement with a particular focus on age and sex differences in exercise fatigue, before moving to Marquette University, Wisconsin.

Sandra is author over 100 journal publications and book chapters and serves as an associate editor for several international journals including Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and Exercise and Sport Science Reviews which are two leading journals in the field of exercise physiology. Sandra has been awarded multiple grants for her research in exercise fatigue in healthy and clinical populations (e.g. diabetes, aging, stroke, sex differences and women after childbirth). She has been a keynote speaker at several international conferences on exercise fatigue in Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.  Sandra is regularly invited by the media for expert commentary on topics regarding exercise training and performance in young and older adults, sex differences in performance and in clinical populations such as those with diabetes, and also the changes in the body with long term spaceflight!

Deborah Hunter

Business Owner, Physiotherapist

Deborah is a clinically trained physiotherapist with over 30 years of broad experience investing in the health and well-being of her patients using evidence-based practice. Since completing her clinical degree training at the University of Sydney and University of NSW, Deborah has gained significant national and international clinical experience changing the lives of patients at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, the Royal Brompton Hospital, London and in country areas around Australia including the Northern Territory, Queensland and NSW. Deborah currently treats patients and leads a team of diverse and experienced clinicians in her expanding clinical private practice now situated in both Armidale and Tamworth, NSW. Clients range from youth to older adults offering a range of services including private consultations, home visits, wellness classes and consultations to aged care providers.

Deborah’s success and excellence as a clinician and business leader, which focuses on changing the lives of those who entrust their care to her, has resulted in a rapidly expanding clinic with several business awards from the NSW Business Chamber Awards including: ‘Excellence in Small Business New England North West NSW (2016), Most Outstanding Business New England North West Region (2016), Business Leader New England North West Region (2017) and New England Enterprising Woman Armidale Business Awards (2017).

Her vast wealth of clinical knowledge has led her to become passionate about the issues facing middle aged to older adults who wish to remain as active and functional as possible. This is critical in a time where we are living longer and working longer, a time in which older adults can continue to be independent with the physical ability to keep doing what is important to them.

Deborah explains why she enjoys her work and why it matters: