Should you exercise with a mask during the pandemic?

Is it wise to wear a mask during exercise? The answer is not straight forward and will differ between people, the type of exercise and situation in which you are exercising. Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable while exercising. However, mask wearing in public will save lives, by decreasing person-to-person transmission, lowering hospitalizations and death particularly in populated areas.


Does exercise boost your immune system?

One of the great benefits of regular exercise is the boost it provides to the immune system.  Regular exercise protects against sickness for all people, but particularly in older aged people and those with chronic diseases (1).  This is shown to be the case with large population studies for both communicable diseases, such as bacterial and viral infections,…


Lacking sleep? Try this one thing!

Sleep is a valuable asset that many of us take for granted. When we fail to sleep for 7-9 hours nightly, we feel the immediate effects.  Additionally, studies show that a chronic lack of sleep has detrimental long-term consequences to our health and can even shorten our lifespan. One way to improve the quality and…

tips for quality sleep

Lack of sleep can be a pain in the neck. Try these five proven tips for great quality sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool – too little sleep slows recovery time from injury, and adversely affects overall physical and mental health.  Good quality sleep of 8 hours however, can improve the effects of ageing, and improve memory, healing from injuries and optimize well – being. The National Sleep Foundation of Australia recommends that adults between 18-64 years old have 7 to 9 hours sleep each night, and people over…