The best time to move is when you are NOT feeling motivated!

If you are spending more time at home and amended work routines, take this opportunity to introduce more movement in your life. If there has ever been an occasion where you could step away from your desk and perform jumping jacks or pushups for 30-seconds, it is now!

Reshaping your exercise habits takes persistent effort, especially when you do not feel motivated. The idea of exercise is universally appealing, yet the challenge may feel overwhelming.  Nonetheless, the majority of successes are built on small doses of progress over lengthy periods of time. The snowball effect — one minor change at a time — will eventually compound and lead to larger changes. Next time you feel unmotivated to exercise completely, aim for something smaller.  Just do something to move and change it up.

Our 7th Exercise Challenge recommends smaller doses of individual exercises.  You will be challenged to perform 7 repetitions of 7 exercises for 7 rounds (sets) for 7 days!  You may increase or decrease difficulty of the routine, based on your level of fitness as detailed below. The 7 x 7 x 7 routine takes about ~13-18 mins to complete. Adjust the time and volume to increase or decrease the challenge level.


7-Day Exercise Challenge 7

A.  Warm up: Perform ~60 seconds (secs) of arm circles and high knee marching on the spot. 

B.  Main set:  Complete 7 repetitions of the 7 exercises for 7 sets! No rest between each exercise , and 15-30 seconds rest between sets.

        1. 7 Star jumps  (continue without rest between each….)
        2. 7 Air squats (or mini air squats)
        3. 7 Pushups (or from knees)
        4. 7 Sit ups
        5. 7 Bridges
        6. 7 Mountain climbers (or heel raises)
        7. 7 Lunges (or mini lunges)  (rest 15-30 seconds before performing the entire set again…)

To modify the main set based on your fitness level, increase or decrease the exercise number of sets and/or repetitions.

Easier:  4 sets of the 7 exercises (~7-9 mins) 

Harder: 10 sets of the 7 exercises and/or 10 repetitions per exercise (~18-25 min)

C.  Stretch:  Complete the workout with stretches including quads, glutes and arms.



View or download SimpliMove Health 7-Day Exercise Challenge 7


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Keep yourself accountable

Buddy up with a friend and text your friend when you have completed your exercises without breaking the seven-day streak!  Send them an “accomplishment emoji”!   Day 1 ?; Day 2 ?…. 

When you have completed the Simpli Move Health7-Day Exercise Challenge 7, share your achievement with us on Facebook group.